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“I never thought I would say this because no one really likes a retreat. But this was different. It was creative and it dug up some issues that needed to be brought to light but in a safe and loving way. I went from wanting to quit my job every day due to the negativity, bullying and mean spirited attitudes the employees that had been here for years had. This retreat healed a lot of wounds and cleared the air for real. I have seen a big enough change that it gives me hope! Great job!”

“We’ve had about 5 company retreats over the last 12 years, and this was the best of all of them! Some retreat leaders simply do team-building exercises, while other leaders just talk about organizational dynamics, but Jen and Dayna covered it all in remarkable fashion. The pace moved along quickly, all the different exercises were excellent, and all efforts built up to a powerful transformation for our company. We are a completely cohesive and united company now, and it feels great to work here. Thanks, Jen and Dayna! You guys rock!”

“Dayna and Jen have a synergy that is magical to witness and powerful to experience. They work together effortlessly to provide a safe, open space in which to deeply connect with your true self. I witnessed people TRANSFORM and have their lives change throughout the weekend during the Imagination Retreat. Not to mention the setting was beautiful, the food delicious, and all of the guest staff were top people in their fields. It’s my pleasure to whole-heartedly recommend Dayna and Jen and the programs they offer – it’s a game-changer!”

“Dayna and Jen were so “real” and the camaraderie between the two was palpable and made for lots of fun. They pulled off a great mix of empathy and humor to keep the mood feeling safely respectful without being too heavy. Without reservation, I would recommend attending a retreat by these two smart and caring ladies.”

“I think it really says something when you can make a 72 hr retreat feel like a week-long vacation. The Imagination Retreat experience that Dayna and Jen facilitated left me feeling very emotionally nourished and physically recharged. I was impressed with the amount of work these two ladies had to do to make this retreat come together. Their attention to detail was phenomenal! The food was amazingly delicious and creative, the weather happened to be perfect and the motel accommodations and location were a totally charming “Old Florida” feel with “New Florida” comfort and room amenities.”

Often a company needs that third party to come in and promote conversations that allow management and staff to review and analyze where their strengths and weaknesses are which enable them to move forward towards a more productive and healthy organization.

ic3 consulting was a great resource for our company to do just that. Our two half-days’ retreat allowed staff to relax and open up, in a non-threatening yet bonding way, about where they felt they needed to receive more support within a particular area, with the ultimate goal of being the best they can at their job within the organization.

After our retreat, we put action plans into place and dialog flowed to correct and improve where needed. We continue to use ic3 consulting as a quarterly resource to make sure we are staying on track.

I highly recommend Jen and Dayna to any organization who wants or needs that third party support in bettering their environment and ultimately their staff with the common goal of improving business.

Ruthie Larivee