Providing team building, leadership development, employee engagement, and emotional intelligence at work.

All-Company Corporate Retreats —

  • Powerful, interactive, informative, engaging and transformative retreat. Results in engaged, aligned, team-based and empowered professional staff ready to work towards the company mission and vision.

Ongoing Training and Workshops 

  • Interactive onsite workshops for the entire team based on specifically identified topics. Topics include but are not limited to organizational alignment, work/life balance, rewards & challenges, strengths and goals, innovation team training. 

C-Suite Services—

  • Coaching and support for the CEO to address core human dynamics that are preventing your team from achieving breakthrough performance.
  • Accountability follow-ups with your leadership team to ensure the momentum and lessons are supported and maintained.
  • C-Suite Retreats, where leadership can recharge as well as work through any obstacles.


Retreats and Intensives Flowcharts

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The Results You Can Expect

Post engagement results, as measured by targeted surveys and management testimonials:

  • Improved attraction and retention of highly skilled talent
  • Engaged employees that feel a sense of joy and purpose in contributing to your company
  • Increased awareness of strengths and “hidden gifts” of employees within the company
  • Improved employee satisfaction as demonstrated by higher levels of open communication and accountability,  employees “feeling heard”, and reduced stress levels
  • Stimulate an innovative and creative environment that differentiates you from the competition
  • Increased revenue
  • Fewer HR complaints
  • Reduced “friction” between teams with improved sales and productivity
  • Building the next generation of managers
  • Improved collaboration between staff and management,  and a greater sense of “shared goals and vision”