One of the foremost ways to foster employee engagement is to create an intentional company culture.

Culture is the character, or “personality”, of your organization. Company culture is collectively the values, traditions, beliefs, dynamics, attitudes and behaviors – or actions – that occur each day in your company. Company culture is “what it is like to work here” and manifests in how employees interact and how decisions are made.

Eighty-six percent of executives cite company culture as an “important or very important” issue, but fewer than 1 in 3 (28%) report that they understand their organization’s culture. (The new organization: Different by design, Bersin, Geller, Wakefield & Walsh, Deloitte University Press, 2016.)

Developing an intentional company culture does not just happen. It is deliberate, purposeful and purpose-driven. An intentional company culture is contrary to an accidental culture, or one that occurs as a result of a void being filled because leadership has not defined and modeled – lived out – an intentional one. It is the responsibility of leaders to define company culture.

How do you begin to define your purposeful and intentional company culture? An intentional company culture is achieved by design.

  • The first step in creating an intentional company culture is to recognize, or become aware, that a company culture exists.
  • Second, assess. Ask your employees, “What is the current company culture?”
  • Third: decide, define and design. What are the values, goals, and mission – the “why”- your company lives by? What is the culture you intend to create, not only within your company but within your community and the world at large?
  • Know, change is a process and that it is bound to have some bumps along the way.
  • Teaching and coaching of specific skills is a requirement to support employees in aligning belief and behavior with the values of the organization. And, it will become obvious those who are not a good fit. Do not tolerate those who violate the standards of the culture you’ve created.
  • Live out your intentional company culture. It is your responsibility as the leader to live these qualities  – daily.
  • “Harness the heart and empower the minds” of your employees – at every level – and encourage them to contribute new ideas and ways to improve, allowing for creative tension. Take the time and initiative to bridge silos by recognizing individual employees’ strengths. Are you aware of the unique gifts your employees possess?
  • Assess, again, and gather feedback. Culture is not static. It is dynamic and will grow and change with the company. It is the responsibility of leadership to continually create the company culture you intend.

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