Imagination, creativity and innovation – all recent buzzwords within business.

By 2020 creativity will be the third most important skill in the jobs market according to the World Economic Forum, and of CEO’s polled, 60% agreed that creativity was the most important skill to have in a leadership role (Fast Company).

How does a company foster a culture that encourages the unleashing of imagination and creativity, which are precursors to business innovation?

Creativity, once considered reserved for the “chosen few” is now, gratefully, enjoying a broader definition. Yes, we still admire the professional painter, sculptor, and musician, but creativity-applied is the birthright of all humans. If we were not creative, our ancestors would not have survived.

Creativity is a human attribute that everyone can not only enjoy but is one of the essential ingredients if there is to be real systemic change in the world.

One way an organization can cultivate creativity, and hence innovation, is to become more familiar with a bit of applicable brain science. Current research is validating what once was considered “pseudo-science”. There are a number of creativity and innovation tips, tricks, systems, and formulas based on how the brain functions.

In this article, author Dayna Wood, explains how “creative flow feels different” because of how the brain is structured. Creativity targets both the right hemisphere and limbic system of the brain, which are visual, sensory and emotional in nature – bypassing language and “rational thought and logical assumptions” (left brain attributes). Therefore, creativity gives expression to that which cannot be spoken, due to the structure of the brain. This provides the opportunity for those who actively engage in the creative process, the opening to re-imagine concepts – the very core of innovation.

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